Additional services

We offer a wide range of additional services.
You can only choose some or all of the services we offer.

Roadside assistance 24/7

Our client’s helpline works 24/7, we consult regarding any issue and, in case you have trouble on the road, we provide practical help.

Fleet management

We manage bills, survey the mileage and keep extra keys of every vehicle. In addition, we manage the vehicle return procedure, and when a vehicle is purchased we take care of the administrative side of the purchase process.

Fleet maintenance

We organize regular technical inspections, calculate their costs and notify our clients in advance, we estimate and assess natural wear and tear and its costs and regularly carry out vehicle inspection.

Technical inspection

We make sure it is done in time: when the due date approaches we inform the client and arrange technical inspection. As per client’s request, the cost can be added to the monthly rental price or paid separately.

Wash and cleaning

We arrange car wash / cleaning upon your request. The service must be booked in advance.

Delivery and pick up

We provide this service when car maintenance works specified in the rental agreement are due (tire replacement, car wash, technical inspection etc.). The time will be specified in advance.

Vehicle tires

We provide summer and winter tire sets for the whole rental period and replace them when the time comes. We store tires and inspect their technical condition.

Vehicle insurance

All our vehicles are insured with civil liability insurance and KASCO insurance. We manage and supervise insurances and insurance-related events.

Substitute vehicle

In case of the vehicle’s technical inspection or road accident we will provide a substitute vehicle.

Fuel cards management

We provide our clients with fuel cards. We cover the bills and submit detailed monthly statements to the clients.

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